• Only 50 lbs. in Container - NYS
  • Weekly "Household" Garbage Only and Recycling.
  • Some Restrictions apply.
  • Questions? Call Shanks (585) 624-2126.

Have something SHANKS can't take? Try Town of Canandaigua Transfer Station - See GREEN TAB BELOW.

Summer Reminders

  • Check Frequently Asked Numbers for lots of great info!
  • Lawn Care - remember to mow and trim on a weekly basis.
  • Decks & Patios - Clear of clutter, store misc. items in shed.
  • Steps - Clean, Wash & Paint, if needed
  • Window A/C Units - No Wooden Bracing. Metal Shelf Brackets or Vinyl Posts, only please.
  • Wild Animals - No Birdseed on the ground. No feeding wild animals.
  • Skirting - Check Condition & replace damaged panels.


Community Residents - As of 1/13/22, NY State has made changes to the processing of STAR Exemptions/Credits. Find more below. 

Please contact the State numbers provided below. Please do not contact the Community Office for general information. We do not have any additional information. 

Keep us updated!