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  • Who can I call to do repairs on my manufactured home?

People are always asking us for recommendations. Please see the bulletin board at the bottom. We caution everyone to do their own due diligence when looking for a qualified service repairmen.  Always get an estimate. Also, make sure the company has proper insurance and is certified.

  • Extreme Freezing Weather (Below 0 and negative temperatures) Should I let my water run constantly or allow it to drip to prevent the water lines from freezing?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You could end up with a potentially much bigger problem - called a frozen sewer line!  Here are suggestions on things you CAN DO to help prevent a severe situation.

  1.   Keep the thermostat turned up and make sure the heat is circulating in all floor registers. Open bedroom doors and all floor registers for proper heat circulation.
  2. Check your heat cable yearly and preform proper maintenance. (Insulation & Wrap, Heat Cable is plugged in and working properly.)
  3. Open cupboards under sinks where you might need more heat.             

  • I have an older home. I need parts. Do you sell parts?   

We do not carry mobile home parts. If your home is 5 years old or newer, we may have siding/shingles that will match. We also carry or can order some types skirting and may be able to match your original color. Fiberglass Steps - we can order for you.  Dura-Bilt replacement parts for doors/window cranks, we can order for you. You can find manufactured home water heaters at HEP sales in Canandaigua. Lowes also carries white skirting. You can find many parts on-line at www.mobilehomepartsstore.com.      

  • I am looking to move my manufactured home. Do you move homes?

We do not move homes that we are not buying/selling.  Rich Rawleigh is a local transporter. (585) 382-3194 or (585) 447-2708




  • I am interested in Purchasing a Home in PBP or CCE. How do I apply for Residency?

Call or e-mail our office. (585) 624-1003 - maralee@BurkeHomes.com - We would be happy to e-mail or send you a Community Application. Fill-Out and Return w/ Application Fee to: Black Drop-Box: Located at our Community Office: 9237 Routes 5 & 20, West Bloomfield, NY 14585 or SEND - P.O. Box 180, West Bloomfield, NY 14585, E-MAIL - maralee@BurkeHomes.com.  Please allow up to 30 days.

NOTE: All sales must be contingent on Buyer(s) obtaining Community Approval, if buyer intends on keeping the home in the Community. Seller(s) must notify the Community in writing 30 days prior to selling &/or removing unit. All Site Rent must be current. A Community Inspection of the exterior of the property must be done PRIOR to the transfer of sale. Any items found to be in disrepair or non-compliant (Holes in Skirting, Broken Siding, etc) must be fixed PRIOR to transfer of sale.

  • When is my Site Rent due and where do I send it? 

On the 1st of each month. Mailing Address; P.O. Box 180, West Bloomfield, NY 14585. Payable To: Canandaigua Country Estates or Picture Book Park is: Indian Valley Development Corp.

  • I have an EMERGENCY who do I call first?

If you have a life threatening emergency, you would immediately call 911. If you have a home related emergency (Ex. no water, no heat, a leak in your roof) you would first want to contact a certified repairman and maybe your insurance company, if necessary. If the emergency is related to an issue with the Community (Ex. sewer line is plugged below ground, electric at pole/breaker is off, excessive water pouring out of water crock), you would want to contact our office M-F (585) 624-1003 or e-mail us at: maralee@burkehomes.com. NOTE: If our office is closed, only COMMUNITY RELATED EMERGENCIES will be addressed. Our Community maintenance staff does not do emergency home repairs, please contact a locally, certified professional.

  • Is the Community responsible for my water and sewer lines?

The Community is responsible for the water/sewer lines from the outside crock or pipe in the ground and below. The Home-Owner is responsible for the connection from the water crock above the ground and into their home, as well as, all pipes in their home. Sewer lines - Never throw feminine products, diapers, disposable wipes, etc. down the Town Sewer System. 

  • When is Garbage Pick-Up?

​EARLY!! EVERY THURSDAY MORNING. Please have refuse at the curbside either the night before pickup or by 6am on the day of pickup. *Unless Holiday hours. Call Shanks Enterprise direct for all questions or problems with pick-up. (585) 624-2126. Note: Weekly household garbage is included in your Site Rent. Limit on amount approx. 50lbs. per NY State. CALL SHANKS DIRECTLY FOR....Additional cleanup, extra large items, or over the weekly allowed limit (per pound/one container) to schedule these pick-ups and you will be billed by Shanks directly.  All questions on what they do or do not take and how much is allowed by week should be directed to Shanks. NY Covid 19 Restrictions are in place.

CANANDAIGUA COUNTRY ESTATES (Canandaigua Residents Only)

TOWN OF CANANDAIGUA TRANSFER STATION - See Link Below. Also, takes big items on certain days.

  • Who is responsible for Lawn-Maintenance?

The Home-Owner is responsible for mowing and trimming their individual home-site. The Community is responsible for all common areas, storage areas, playground areas and entrance locations.

  • Who is responsible for Snow Removal? 

The Home-Owner is responsible for for shoveling their own side-walks and driveway. The Community is responsible for snow removal on all main roadways.  Please remember to always use caution during extreme weather conditions.

  • Where do I pick-up my Mailbox Key?

New residents  - Please pick-up your mailbox key at (1) Picture Book Park - Honeoye Falls Post Office (2) Canandaigua Country Estates - Canandaigua Post Office.

  • I'm leaving on vacation. Do I need to contact the Community Office?

If you are leaving for an extended period of time, please notify our office and leave a phone number where you can be reached in case of an emergency. (unless you already have one on file)


Local Companies - Please send info: maralee@burkehomes.com to add your name and info.Thank you. Note: All information provided is just a courtesy. Our company is not affiliated.


HEATING - PLUMBING - COOLING - Steve Dancause  (585) 301-2915

LAWN CARE - Ken Britton (585) 657-7905 (West Bloomfield)

GENERAL SERVICE & REPAIR - Right Way Handyman Service (585) 259-0796

GENERAL REPAIR - RD Home Improvements & Repairs, (585) 201-9198, Hemlock, NY


ROOF - Ed Wehrlin  - Roofing Specialist (585) 350-8881

ROOF - Tripodi - Canandaigua, NY

HOME OWNERS INSURANCE - MFD HOUSING - Haylor, Freyer & Coon, www.Haylor.com (800) 289-1501, Attn: Amanda Warwick (x2140)

DRIVEWAY SEALING - Western NY Sealing & Paving, www.wnypave.com, (585) 247-8466




6042 federal Road, Conesus, NY (585) 444-6221 - Open Mon-Saturday, 9-5 per website.

Lowes (Canandaigua)  - White Vinyl Skirting - In Stock


PBP - GAS SERVICE - National Fuel Gas (800) 365-3234

CCE - GAS SERVICE - NYS Electric & Gas (800) 572-1111

PBP - ELECTRIC SERVICE - National Grid (800) 932-0301

CCE - ELECTRIC SERVICE -  Rochester Gas & Electric (800) 743-2110

TELEPHONE & INTERNET - Frontier Communications of Rochester (585) 777-1000

CABLE TV - TELEPHONE - INTERNET - Spectrum (58) 756-7956

CCE - NEWSPAPER - The Daily Messenger (585) 394-0770

PBP  & CCE NEWSPAPER - The Democrat & Chronicle (800) 767-7539

NYS - STAR PROGRAM - www.tax.ny.gov/star - (518) 457-2036

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